Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tribute to Our Heroes

I honor our U.S. military men and women. They have done and are doing for our country what I could never do. They are keeping us free by putting their lives on the line. For that I can never thank them enough. They have earned our respect and our thanks. It's the least we can do. When you see them, say "Thank you!" and treat them as though they've done something big for our country, because they have.

As part of my "Thank you!" I have taken pictures of American flags and have posted those pictures and comments about how I feel about the U.S. military on my Flickr account. It is a Tribute to Our Heroes and if you click on the link, you'll see a lot of little thumbnail pictures. Click on each thumbnail and you'll see the bigger picture and you'll be able to read what I wrote with each of them.

May GOD bless America and GOD bless our U.S. military men and women. Thank you for your service.


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  2. Poseur,

    Since I know you are NOT USMC1949, I will respond to you as you should be responded to.

    LOL! LOL! LOL!

    You haven't the slightest idea of how to carry on a conversation, how to debate a point, or how to carry on even a close-to-adult argument. You prove how ignorant and stupid you are (yes, they are two different things) by your post.

    I am an old lady, therefore writing like one makes sense.

    Racist? Not a moniker that will stick on me: not to those who know me. Those who don't know me, what do I care what they think of me? People like you I care not to impress, nor to defend myself against untrue charges. So think me racist if you wish. I care not.

    Who is Tom Kehoe?

    Unworthy to be an American? I was born here to parents who were born here to grandparents who were born here. I believe in the Founding principles of our great country, as well as the U.S. Constitution. I support and live by both. That's my claim to being "[worthy] to be an American". What's yours? Being stupid?

    Karma, I don't believe in; but if there is such a thing, yours shall catch up with you, too. I think you better watch out for it. You have attacked me without even knowing who I am and made some accusations that are not only untrue, but unfounded. If your Karma is going to catch up with you -- and it's a "goes around comes around" thing -- then you are in a far greater danger than I when it comes to Karma.

    Look, if you want to have a discussion, let's discuss things as though both of us have a brain, not just I. If you are incapable of doing so, don't hide behind someone else's identity and attack someone you haven't the slightest idea about (besides the fact that I am obviously conservative). If you think yourself capable of doing thus, then let's get it on. Otherwise, go back under the rock you crawled out from under and nurse your sore Karma back to health because it's only going to get worse after what you have just done here.

    Oh, and BTW, If you think that using the kind of language makes your attack more powerful, which do you think stung more: your attack on me, or my response to you? Grow up.

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    The removed comment was not made by USMC 1949, someone conterfitted his user name. The comment was a hate filled rant made by someone tryng to pass himself off as a US Marine on a site dedicated to preserving the memories of Members of the US Military

    The person has made a number of similar comments on sites associated with TL&M